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My name is Trina Kosumi. I was born and raised in Europe, migrating to beautiful B.C.  My mom, one of the most influential people in my life, helped shape my core beliefs and principles. One thing that was very important to her was keeping a clean, tidy, and happy home. She sadly left us after her battle with cancer in 2019. Although she is gone, some of her passions are kept alive by me,  namely keeping a clean, tidy, and happy household. This passion, along with my love of helping others, was the starting point of opening my own business, TK Cleaning Services, in 2020.

Although I have had a few blips along the way – the Covid 19 pandemic being a big one, I have enjoyed the process of starting up my own business and watching it flourish- all the while doing what I love (cleaning and helping others). If you would like your home to sparkle, and you value a hard working, efficient team of cleaners to look after your household’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contact me for an estimate. 

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